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Welcome to the Women's Leadership Academy

Welcome, Strong Women Leaders!

Want to reach even higher potential? Strengthen 13 essential leadership skills in just 4 weeks.

My name is Julie Lancaster, and I believe leadership is a mindset, not a position. We are all leaders, and you and I know that the most effective leaders are constantly learning, growing, and improving. For over 2 decades I’ve been training thousands of women to not only lead but also influence others in their lives. And now, for the first time, I’m making this complete leadership training available online for you! I bring you the 13 most requested trainings by my female clients for you to master at your own pace! What are you waiting for?
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Welcome, Strong Women Leaders!

You'll Walk Away With

  • Practical strategies to implement immediately and for decades to come

  • The support to lead and influence

  • The confidence to positively impact, even in really challenging situations

Meet Your Instructor

  • Julie Lancaster

    Julie Lancaster

    Expert Leadership Trainer and Coach

    As the President of Lancaster Consulting, Julie Lancaster knows that being a leader takes guts. Julie is results-oriented, future-focused, and is a positive advocate for leadership success. In the public, non-profit, and private sectors, Julie serves as a leadership coach, consultant, and trainer. Her topics range from strategic planning to increasing accountability: she is an expert on strategy that influences workplace success. Before founding Lancaster Consulting, Julie walked the talk. With decades of leadership roles that span the globe, her experiences guide how she teaches others to be powerful and effective leaders. Over the years, Julie has served countless direct reports through roles ranging from Rock Climbing Specialist to Dean of Education. Julie and the Lancaster Consulting team now train, coach, and motivate thousands of empowered professionals every year.

Hear What Other Powerful Women Are Saying

“In this course, Julie lays down a foundation to be an effective leader by providing strategies to use in 13 different areas of the life of a leader. From taking a break, to how to give performance feedback, to how to motivate and negotiate, this course will give you tangible, immediate ideas to utilize and put in place today. This course is for those who want to be a leader that people want to follow, that embody servant leadership, and that are empathetic while being effective.”

Jennifer Curtis, Director of Admissions CollegeAmericaJennifer Curtis, Director of Admissions CollegeAmerica

“This Women's Leadership Academy presents a series of highly effective lessons for leadership in any setting. If we can hone the skills she teaches in these videos, we will all be better employees, bosses, Board directors, and people in general. She presents this series with positive energy, excellent resources, and challenges to move forward.”

Ariana Leon, Director of Foundation Relations, International and Humane Society of the United States Ariana Leon, Director of Foundation Relations, International and Humane Society of the United States

“Julie’s Women’s Leadership self-paced course is incredibly worthwhile, not only for now, but for my professional development for the long haul. Whether you’re seasoned or relatively new to management, the content here is invaluable—if you put energy into doing the work she suggests, you’ll get tenfold back out of it. Julie’s voice and stories resonate, and it feels like she’s speaking directly to me, with examples, intuition, hard facts, and tons of experience to back it all up. The videos and tools will immediately impact my management.”

Alex Thevenin, Owner of Arizona Raft AdventuresAlex Thevenin, Owner of Arizona Raft Adventures

“This is a very well structured and organized course that takes a holistic approach to what it means to be a leader. From strategic planning, to diversity & inclusion, to social competence and rolling out change, the course focuses on important skills that all play together to form the picture of a true leader. The course has very practical tips and self-reflection elements that allowed me to quickly zone in on what my areas for growth are and now, I feel much more confident in what I bring to the table and how to address areas of challenge in the future, because I was able to take the time and focus on me as a leader. Strongly recommend for anyone who is currently in a leadership role, or is aspiring to be in one!”

Nadia Ivanova-Pfenning, Human Resources Manager with Coconino County, ArizonaNadia Ivanova-Pfenning, Human Resources Manager with Coconino County, Arizona

“Julie’s energy and detail oriented course brings enthusiasm and follow through to tasks we all know are needed but would otherwise put further back on the to do list. It is well organized and helpful so that I could take the course at my own pace, yet magnetic enough to keep bringing me back.”

Erin Widman, Owner of The Yoga ExperienceErin Widman, Owner of The Yoga Experience

“If you want a perfect micro-learning experience which can absolutely change your life if followed, Lancaster Consulting’s work is all that. She has this ability to transcend the technology between you and her to make the trainer/learner experience real. Her final closing is the best I have seen. I am excited for you if you take on this journey.”

Cathleen Garrison, Training and Development Specialist with North Country HealthCareCathleen Garrison, Training and Development Specialist with North Country HealthCare

“What I learned: - To be a vessel through which my team can communicate safely without judgement - To be confident in my vulnerability, understanding that it does not make me weak - To be ready to speak up with intention, even when the conversations or subject matter may be uncomfortable - To be of service to my team, allowing them to contribute, learn, and grow - To listen for comprehension and practice empathy - To make time for myself to reenergize and have a moment of piece. This also includes learning when (and how to effectively) say no”

Diana White, Director of the Small Business Development Center  Diana White, Director of the Small Business Development Center

“I've attended various trainings and academies by Julie, and I value her energy, knowledge and positive interactions. Given all that, I still greatly enjoyed the online Women's Leadership Academy as I could watch segments over and over to take notes and ensure my understanding, watch and stop as time allowed, and most important is to have this information available when needed! ”

Lauree Battice, Business Manager with Northern Arizona Intergovernmental Public Transportation AuthorityLauree Battice, Business Manager with Northern Arizona Intergovernmental Public Transportation Authority

What Are You Waiting For?

It's time to to experience unbridled success and get the support you need to thrive!

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    $329.00Women's Leadership Academy

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    $1,279.00Women's Leadership Academy

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If you qualify for bulk pricing and would like to give this course to 5-25 leaders, congratulations!  Call 928-607-2041 or email for  an invoice and course access.

  • $259 each (for 5-10 women)
  • $239 each (for 11-25 women)

Academy Level 2

Next Steps After This Course

After you’ve completed this Women’s Leadership Academy, we invite you to more!  This will be done as group-coaching (remotely) and will include:

  • Practicing giving feedback to peers, employees, and supervisors (“coaching up”)
  • Negotiating your salary and asking for a raise
  • Working seamlessly across the generations
  • And more!

Stay tuned! Email us at to get onto the distribution list & waitlist.